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Light Bondage

I woke up from his weight on top of me, but couldn’t move my arms. I opened my eyes, but quickly found that I was staring into a cloth of some kind, tied over my eyes. I jerked my hands forward and realised that I’d been handcuffed to the bed pole above my head.

‘What…’ I started and immediately got shushed by his soft voice.

‘Sssh, don’t speak. Relax.’

He removed himself from me and the sound and brief wind caused from the covers being removed washed over me. I had no idea if it was the middle of the night or morning already, all I knew was that I was handcuffed, blindfolded and spread eagle on the bed. For the longest time nothing happened, and I found myself shaking in anticipation from what he’d do. He finally put his hand on one of my thighs, buckled my leg slightly and pushed my knee outwards whilst gently caressing my thigh with his hand. Whilst doing the same to my other leg, he kissed the inside of my thigh, his stubble tickling my sensitive skin all the way up to where I was now dying for him to be.

Then his touch stopped for what seemed like forever and I started squirming in anticipation. Suddenly I could feel his breath on my stomach, which meant he was close enough to my skin to get the desired effect, but not close enough to actually touch it. When he moved upwards I got instant goose bumps as his tongue briefly touched my erect nipple before the subtle trail of his breath continued up my upper chest, up the side of my neck, across my cheek… then nothing, until his tongue lightly separated my lips, followed by another (what felt like) several minutes of anticipation before his soft lips finally landed on my mouth.

I went for him like a hungry animal, but he held back just enough so that I couldn’t take charge. I jerked at the handcuffs to be able to stretch towards him but to no avail, and actually found myself shaking my head like a bound dog at the off-chance of getting closer. At this point I was pretty sure I could hear his Cheshire Cat-like grin, with the way his breath changed to more irregular.

‘What are you waiting for?’ I challenged.

‘What are you waiting for?’

‘You!’ I moaned and arched my back to get closer to wherever he was. He had already moved down between my legs again, this time he placed his tongue on my pubic bone and licked his way up a straight line and stopped just above my breasts. For a moment I lay still, awaiting his next move – and couldn’t help but squirm and sigh audibly as he blew cold, hard air onto the wet trail.

Again I lay still, unaware of what his next move was going to be, until I felt the tip of his tongue in between my legs. First in light, circular movements, then harder and more demanding – just the way he knew I liked and needed it. I could hardly breathe and got more and more frustrated by the restriction – and yet more and more turned on by it.

Then he stopped. I could hear him walking up to the head of the bed, followed by a quick fiddle with the handcuffs. One went off my wrist before I got turned over on my stomach and then re-cuffed. I kept myself in the position he’d put me, eagerly awaiting his next move. He grabbed hold of my hips, lifted me onto my knees and put his hand on my neck to signal for me to keep my head down, then stroke it all the way up my spine until he ended up by my buttocks. I gasped for air as he firmly, yet lightly, slapped the right cheek.

He then bent my back further down so that my chest was resting on the mattress, giving him a chance to embrace my hips with his grip and easily slide into me from behind. My moans rapidly went up in pitch, and it was clear that his little game had turned him on as well because he followed my lead and panted through clenched teeth – a noise I knew well and would recognise anywhere. He kept the thrusting slow and rhythmic until I started shaking, the clear sign that I was well on the way, at which point he sped up the process and finished within a few seconds of me.

My knees slowly gave way and I slid onto my stomach, my whole body feeling raw and sensitive, as he unlocked the handcuffs and removed the blindfold. It was with some surprise that I noticed that the room was completely light and the clock on the wall showed ten to eleven in the morning. It had somehow felt like it was in the middle of the night, probably purposely so.

Who’d have thought I would enjoy that degree of… submissiveness?

Excerpt from my novel, “A Masochism Tango” (2012-)