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A Forbidden Moment

As I arrived at his dressing room after the show he opened the door slowly, stood aside and watched me closely as I quietly made my way past him. Just as I was about to move out of his reach, he grabbed hold of my hand, pulled me back and virtually threw me against the door with a numbing thud.

We stood eye to eye, quietly. I parted my lips and leaned in so I almost met his mouth, but stopped and awaited his next move. His chest was moving rapidly, his nose flaring, like that of an agitated bull. He lingered, teasing me, until he bent his head to the side and made the first impact. I noticed that whatever I did he followed my moves with precision and subdued excitement, eager to please. I lost myself in the moment, wrapped my arms about him, unable to hold back a quiet moan as he pressed his body up against me.

He bent his legs, wrapped his arms about my thighs and lifted me up, sliding me against the surface of the door, hiking me up until he faced my ample cleavage. He buried his face in it for a moment before allowing me to slide back down so he could bury his face in the crook of my neck, tickling me with his stubble. He started fiddling with his hand against the wall and it was only when the room went dark that I realised he’d been looking for the light switch. I looked over his shoulder as he went for my neck once more and saw a stripe of light entering through the window, leaving a beam from a nearby street light.

‘You still owe me that song,’ I whispered in his ear. He stopped in his tracks and chuckled for a moment before taking a step backwards, into the dark room. ‘Woo me with your gorgeous voice…’ I muttered as my eyes still grew accustomed to the darkness. There were moments of silence as I moved across to the window, leaned against it, watching the world pass by outside. Taxis, foot traffic, cars pulling up and leaving the street.

Then I heard his voice. It was in Italian, a song I’d never heard before, performed almost like a lullaby. There was no accompaniment, just his voice surrounded by the silence and darkness of the room. I got chills as I realised he was walking slowly towards me, ending the last note alongside my cheek as he wrapped his arms about my waist, just under my bust line, the lace of my black bra scratching gently against his arm.

Although the song was over, I could still hear the softness of his voice in my head as his hands began to lightly massage my flesh. Whatever it was about it had sounded so passionate, needing, wanting, like a hunger that built up slowly and ended in our current position. In one quick move he ripped open the buttons in my shirt, causing the rusty orange glow from the street lights cut a thick beam diagonally across my belly. This beam travelled up and down my naked torso, illuminating my breasts now and again whenever I moved far enough into the light.

He turned me around so I could face him, took an extra step closer to me, his chest very nearly touching mine as he was breathing. On impulse I lifted my hands and put them on his moving chest, feeling the heat coming from it. I tilted my head back, enough to meet his eyes properly, before grabbing hold of his shirt with both of my hands and ripping it open, buttons coming undone and falling onto the floor. I wasn’t prepared to give him full control just yet – so I turned and sauntered towards the baby grand piano.

I looked over my shoulder, slightly humoured by the expression on his face; shocked at the fact that his shirt currently missed six buttons. He quickly followed me and I turned around, slid his shirt off his shoulders and onto the floor.

I let my hands run across his chest and stomach before I opened his belt and tugged at the buttons in his jeans, releasing him from his cage. I then knelt on the stool before the piano and made my way further up the instrument itself, not stopping until I was sitting on top of it and closed the lid over the keys with a loud bang as I put my feet on it.

My eyes were growing familiar with the darkness, but not enough for me to be able to see anything but the contours of him as he moved slowly towards me. I could hear him breathe, felt the heat oozing off him, the energy between us roaring as he finally came close enough for me to see him. He bent down slightly and with one rapid swing of an arm the stool went sailing across the floor until it hit the wall, stopping dead in its tracks.

My legs were shaking as I spread them, welcoming him to do whatever he saw fit. As though reading my mind he came as close to the piano as he could, resting one hand each side of my hips, leaning over me until I gave in and lay down flat on my back.

His chest touched my stomach as his mouth began its journey above my belly button, circling it with his tongue, tracing his movement downwards with it and finally reaching the desired spot between my legs. He groaned as his tongue dove into the heaving flesh. I sat up on my elbows as he grabbed hold of my hips and pulled me towards him until my pulsating crotch hit his waistline. He lifted me off the piano, looked around and carried me towards the stool that stood against the wall.

Once we reached it he forced me onto it, turned me around and made me stand on my knees, holding onto the back rest, with my back against him. His hands caressed my skin in bold, broad sweeps, covering every inch of my body. I could feel his erection between my legs, rubbing my most sensitive area without actually entering it. I could hardly breathe, but he made me wait as he caressed my buttocks with his hands, extending the movement upwards over my back. I reached behind me, grabbed hold of his strong thigh to try and pull him closer, making it obvious what I wanted, what I needed him to do. He entered me slowly, gradually speeding and roughing it up. His hands were holding firmly onto my hips, thrusting me against him, the friction increasing rapidly with each urgent thrust.

Suddenly he stopped. I held my breath, hoping it wasn’t over. He moved me from the chair and sat down on it himself before guiding me onto his lap, facing away from him. The dance began again with a renewed vibrancy. I arched my back against him, reaching for the back of his head as I felt the climax approaching. I could hardly breathe as a violent wave of shivers hit me with the energy of a runaway train, leaving me unable to keep my legs on the floor any longer. Moments before my own orgasm was over, he joined me.

The mighty grip around my waist loosened and I rolled down his arm, hitting the floor with a gasping sigh of relief.