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140 Words #9

“Nick…” she whispered and put both hands on my cheeks. I stood dumbstruck wondering if I should touch her, but didn’t have much time to do anything before she leaned in and planted a soft kiss on my mouth. I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for the seconds it lasted. “That was beautiful,” she finally added after a long silence of looking at each other. She took a step back, smiled, turned around and disappeared through the door.

‘Thank you…’ I muttered to myself, long after she had vanished and would be unable to hear me. I allowed my knees to bend so I could slide down along the side of the worktop and onto the floor. I was overcome with emotion, unable to prevent a single tear from running down my cheek as I registered an unfamiliar feeling: happiness.


140 Words #8

‘You’re a rotten bastard, you know that?’

‘Don’t you judge me! You’ll learn to love the lifestyle I’ve created for you. You’ve got enough money to last two lifetimes and you’ve done nothing with it. I’m simply helping you to live life while you still can. And if you’re wondering about your new posture, it’s down to a little prop that I’ve acquired for you. Go to the front door.’

I backed out of the cramped room and headed to the entrance. Next to it was a cane and a black cape with bright red lining that was long enough to nearly drag along the floor when I tried it.

‘So you’re telling me I’m walking around looking like a cross between Dracula and Jack the Ripper? No wonder she wasn’t sure if she wanted to come home with me.’

140 Words #7

My train of thought was interrupted as he came through the door with a bag of sandwiches that he threw onto the bed before me, like an animal that had gone hunting for food and proudly returned with its prey.

‘So… what’s going to happen now?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I do one more show here and then I’m on the road for the next foreseeable future. So what I mean is…’ he paused and smiled to himself before sitting down on the bed next to me, breaking into Sinatra-like crooning, ‘What now, my love?’

‘What do you want?’ I asked, throwing the ball back in his court. As he took a breath to answer, there was a knock on the door, leaving the question hanging in thin air, cluttering up the room – making it appear small and dense.

140 Words #6

I spun around on the pebbles and rode off as fast as I could, hoping I’d escape him – and yet hoping he’d catch me up.

At the first set of traffic lights I saw his car coming up behind me. As he pulled up next to me, the lights immediately switched to green and I was off before he could react. After repeating this cycle another ten times I turned into a car park, killed the engine and removed my helmet.

‘Come on, jump in so we can talk and I’ll drive you back here afterwards,’ he pleaded.

Talk? Yeah, right.

I didn’t have it in me to object any longer, got off the bike and quietly got into his Aston Martin DB9. The silence grew louder and louder between us, only drowned out by the noise from the engine.

140 Words #5

His hands held firmly onto my hips, pulling me against him, the friction increasing rapidly with each urgent thrust.

Then suddenly, he stopped. I held my breath, hoping it wasn’t over.

He moved me from the chair and sat down on it himself before guiding me onto his lap, facing away from him. The dance began again with a renewed vibrancy. I arched my back against him, reaching for the back of his head as I felt the climax approaching. I could hardly breathe as a violent wave of shivers hit me with the energy of a runaway train, leaving me unable to keep my legs on the floor. Moments before my own orgasm was over, he joined me.

His grip around my waist loosened and I rolled down his arm, hitting the floor with a gasping sigh of relief

140 Words #4

I made my way from the stool and onto the piano itself, put my feet on the lid and closed it over the keys with a loud bang.

My eyes were growing familiar to the darkness, just not enough for me to see anything but the contours of him as he moved slowly towards me. I could hear him breathe, felt the heat oozing off him, the energy between us roaring as he finally came close enough for me to see him clearly.

With one rapid swing of an arm the stool went sailing across the floor until it hit the wall, stopping it dead in its tracks. He came as close to the piano as he could, rested one hand on each side of my hips, leaning over me until I gave in and lay down on my back.

140 Words #3

He slowly turned around and faced me, his eyes looking dark, cold and controlled for a moment as he made his way towards me.

The scene seemed strangely familiar.

In a mild strike of panic I backed away until I stopped at the closed wooden door. He stopped a few inches shy of me and supported himself against it. His arm was so close to my face I could smell the scent of his skin; that impossibly masculine scent that he always seemed to smell of, a scent that didn’t come out of any bottle. He leaned in, his face close to mine, his eyes trying to focus, and it was with some relief I saw the stern look disappear and a softer one appear.

Then he looked down and I closed my eyes, in a ricidulous attempt to escape.